Archive for the ‘News’ Category is down (temporarily – hopefully!)

As of Jun 29 14:36:45 requests to are returning:

Hold on!
There are too many RLSLOG readers connected to our server. Wait a minute or two and try again!

So not down as in wiped off the net but is down for any useful purpose..

I guess we’ll have to use the RLSLOG twitter feed. Actually… doesn’t look like it’s been updated since November 2009.

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Update: back online after Domain Transfer kungfoo – Nice one.

Sadly it would appear that has been taken down. ūüė¶

A whois report for the domain shows no valid name servers and the status is INACTIVE.

Created On:10-Jun-2005 07:35:14 UTC
Last Updated On:18-Aug-2010 09:10:30 UTC
Expiration Date:10-Jun-2019 07:35:14 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Key-Systems GmbH (R51-LROR)
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:

However if you still want to use in it’s final few days add these to your hosts file:

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Wikipedia Down

March 24, 2010 18:00 GMT: has been inaccessible for about 30 minutes now.

dig A      514     IN      CNAME

dig ANY      3600    IN      CNAME

dig ANY
there’s no entry for being published..

Also looks like has fallen of the face of the earth and isn’t answering DNS queries.      3600    IN      A


Address:       canonical name =        canonical name =

Update 18:30 GMT: In a tweet, Wikipedia confirmed and apologized for the site’s outage:

@Wikipedia; Sorry, everyone! English Wikipedia should be back in about an hour. Our tech team explains what happened:

Due to an overheating problem in our European data center many of our servers turned off to protect themselves. As this impacted all Wikipedia and other projects access from European users, we were forced to move all user traffic to our Florida cluster, for which we have a standard quick failover procedure in place, that changes our DNS entries.

However, shortly after we did this failover switch, it turned out that this failover mechanism was now broken, causing the DNS resolution of Wikimedia sites to stop working globally. This problem was quickly resolved, but unfortunately it may take up to an hour before access is restored for everyone, due to caching effects.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

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Moved to Word Press

Just moved over to Word Press because blogger is getting left in the dust. Word Press has a much better interface and content actually gets indexed by Google. Not like my blog at

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