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AVI: Convert AC3 Audio to MP3

February 15, 2011 1 comment

Do you have a DVD player, TV, or device that can’t handle AC3 audio?

If you want to play AC3 audio on your Windows Box follow the How to Play AC3 files guide at

Quickly (1 minute prep – 20 minutes cooking time) convert AC3 audio in an AVI to MP3 without recompressing the Video track using this guide:

The conversion took about 4 minutes on my box (Dual Core Dual Xeon) but it might take up to 20 minutes on yours depending on the AVI size and bitrate.

Grab your free opensource copy of AVIdeMUX for Windows.

For other OSes (Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows) check out the Downloads section of the Avidemux website for more info.

and then follow these steps:

Choose Video Copy, Audio MP3 (lame), and Format AVI:

1 - Video Copy + Audio MP3

Then Configure the MP3 audio to be Stereo, CBR, 9, 192kbps:
Configure Audio

and most importantly the Filters. Set the Mixer to Stereo and optionally increase the volume with the Automatic Gain.

3 - Audio Filters Mixer

Then from the File Menu choose Save –> Save Video…

And now grab a cup of coffee whilst AVIdeMUX converts AC3 audio to MP3 and creates a watchable AVI.

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WARNING Re: 3TB drives have arrived

3TB is too big for most motherboard chipsets. Nvidia chipsets currently can’t handle more than 2.19TB. And yes this includes Macs unless they are very recent and are UEFI-compliant.

Nvidia Forum posts about lack of support for drives above 2.19TB. USB caddies are also pretty hit and miss.

Look for UEFI-compliant Bios and Motherboards.

Also Windows XP can’t count that high without 3rd party $ drivers.

Some Western Digital drives ship with a PCI Express card that enable Vista/Windows 7 OS to see the 3TB drive.

Scan has WD 3TB drive with PCI Express HBA card (£172 inc VAT – Feb 15, 2011)