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HP iLO Shared Network Port

HP iLO (Integrated Lights Out board for HP servers – remote control et la)

Starting at firmware version 1.60 (after 30 Jul 2008) and on supported hardware:
DL360 G4, ML350 G5, ML370 G4, and DL380 G4 and G5

There’s a feature called “iLO Shared Network Port”

Which means you don’t need to cable up a separate iLO network! You can even set the iLO to use a different VLAN tag. This will come in very handy if your Colo charges for extra Ethernet ports (most do)

iLO 2 shared network port

But with everything computer related… there are potential issues,

Some things to watch out for:

  • Set the iLO NIC to Auto-Negotiate to avoid it falling off the network when the server is powered down. Ref: HP Advisory: Integrated Lights-Out 2 (iLO 2) – Shared Network Port Set at 1000Mb May Not Respond When Server is Powered Off
  • VMware ESX server + iLO pass through
    There’s some chat in this forum that ESX server doesn’t support pass through of the iLO. I wouldn’t think the OS even comes into play here. Surely iLO pass through is done at the hardware level and the OS isn’t even aware of it. And beside I’m using a HP DL380 G5 running ESX 4.1 with the iLO set to Shared Network Port and it’s working fine. *knock* *knock* on wood.

    AH! “Pass Through” is a Windows Service called iLO Pass-through Service which allows the iLO console to be connected to a console Terminal Services Session and I gather from the terminology it means that it uses RDP all the way back to the client. Where as iLO Shared Network Port is a hardware based Ethernet port sharing feature.

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